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Stoney creek, ontario
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** I am not accepting new work at this time, I just wanted to create this profile as an example for others **

Welcome to Grimsmo Knives! My brother Erik and I run a small shop out of my home garage and we manufacture high end custom pocket knives. We have a lot of great equipment and can create a variety of parts. We strive for the highest level of precision and fit/finish we can possibly achieve. Some of our equipment includes:

-Tormach PCNC 1100 CNC 3 axis milling machine. We specialize in machining titanium and stainless steel, but can also work with aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, and others. We have an automatic tool changer and a pallet changer so we can do higher volumes of parts no problem.

-Vibratory tumbler. We can deburr and stonewash parts up to 17″x11″x11″, or hundreds of small parts.

-2×72 belt grinder. We built this machine from scratch to help us make our knives. Great for deburring, blending, grinding, polishing, etc.

-Tormach 612 Precision Surface Grinder with belt attachment. We can surface grind any material up to 6″x12″ with accuracy as low as 0.0001″, and with a surface finish anywhere from rough to polished.

-Anodizing titanium. We have a home built anodizing system which allows us to anodize titanium in the full spectrum of colors. Mostly bronze, purple, blue, gold, violet, and green.

-CAD services, computer aided design. Do you have a sketch on a napkin or a 2D file that you need converted into a 3D Solidworks file? I can do that! I’ve been using Solidworks since 2005 and am a wizard at it.

-Heat Treating. We have an Evenheat kiln with internal dimensions of 10″x6.5″x18″ long and a maximum temperature of 2,200°F. We can do small batches of heat treating for steel or stainless steel parts.

When we’re not making our knives we would love to help bring your products to life! Contact us for a quote.

Check out my YouTube channel to see the kind of projects we work on:

** I am not accepting new work at this time, I just wanted to create this profile as an example for others **

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